View of my Hometown Bangued, Abra, Philippines

#1: Aemes World lives on and then some 14 years ago

I’m starting fresh on my blog. I figured I need to write more often as it keeps me sane.  Blogging is really a hard habit to break. I have my old blog here if you want to read it.  It’s full of interesting stories about my daily exploits.

Why Aemes World? Well Aemes is very close to my heart, she was my daughter but she left on another world after only three days. I still wonder up to this day, what could she been doing at this very moment if she stayed. The answer still remains a mystery and would probably remains that way forever.

About me? I’m an Engineer from Aemes World and for some lift of fate I end up on this planet called Earth. A planet that is full of interesting (sometimes bizarre or even funny) things that’s worth learning. (Is this a spin-off from Third Rock from the Sun?)

Anyway, like my previous blog, I will again attempt to update this blog everyday.

Speaking of today, Some 14 years ago today, me and my 3 kids landed in Los Angeles. I remember vividly how I felt. I was  excited and scared at the same time.  I didn’t know what America will have to offer.

Fast forward today, I realized it’s been an up and down journey. My son (Josh) has just finished college, one of my daughter (Deirdre) is new in Scotland pursuing a career in Math and Computer Science, and my youngest daughter (Nadire) is now a high school senior.

And me? I remain a father…at least for now.



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